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Data Upload Policy

As of the 1st January 2013 the new DanceScore Upload Policy will take affect. This new policy will affect how data is handled when any of the DanceScore Team are involved in scrutineering competitions. Click Here to view the policy



DanceScore is a Fully Featured Suite of programs that inherits the functionality of Microsoft Office. Designed to help Competition Organisers and Scrutineers in administering and scrutineering DanceSport Competitions.

1 - Get Started
DanceScore can be used 'Straight Out of the Box'.
You can be Scrutineering in minutes with minimal input, just add the Adjudicator names and you're away. Competitor names can be added anytime, even after the competition.

2 - Automate your Workflow
By adding data to DanceScore's Running Order database you can automate the input process with pre selected Adjudicating Panels and Dance List for every Item on the Dance Programme.

DanceScore will even print Adjudicator Cards, Place Certificates and timed Administration Report to assist with the running of the Competition.

3 - The Ultimate in Live Scrutineering
DanceScore's 'Live' facility gives you the ultimate in connectivity.

Adjudicator Tablet PCs and Computer Terminals combine together to provide 'State of the Art' data collection system.

Included in the 'Live' scenario are support programs that assist DanceScore such as a Floor Marshal program that is used to confirm competitors taking the floor and the Adjudicator interface program for Tablet PCs.


Featured above is a screen shot from the Adjudicator Tablet Module. This software is designed to run on Windows based Tablet PCs and is for use by Adjudicators for the capture of 'LIVE' data. To see this module in operation visit the Adjudicator Training Videos.